A Miami Handmaid's Tale

A Miami Handmaid's Tale. On July 11, the City of Miami commission (all men) unanimously passed a resolution on first reading to abolish the Commission on the Status of Women, among other boards like Parks and Recreation, etc. Presumably this is a move to save money (perhaps to make some room in the budget for their future sweetheart lifetime pensions Keon Hardemon is pushing for). Unfortunately, City of Miami staff and Commissioners treat these volunteer boards as a chore rather than an opportunity to meaningfully engage with residents. In a city that rarely elects women to serve on the commission, hasn't elected a woman to serve since Michelle Spence Jones, and is currently run entirely by men, the move to abolish the Commission on the Status of Women was alarming and so politically tone-deaf that it makes you wonder what's going on over there. The sponsor, by the way, was Keon Hardemon. It goes for a final vote at the next commission meeting on September 12. 

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